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QRG Will you indicate my exact frequency in kilocycles?
QRH Does my frequency vary?
QRI How is the tone of my transmission?
QRJ Are you receiving me badly? Are my signals weak?
QRK What is the legibility of my signals (1 to 5)?
QRL Are you busy?
QRM Are you being interfered with?
QRN Are you troubled by static?
QRO Must I increase power?
QRP Must I decrease power?
QRQ Must I send faster?
QRS Must I send more slowly?
QRT Must I stop transmission?
QRU Have you anything for me?
QRV Are you ready?
QRW Must I advise ... that you are calling him on ... kc?
QRX When will you call again?
QRZ By whom am I being called?
QSA What is the strength of my signals (1 to 5)?
QSB Does the strength of my signals vary?
QSD Is my keying correct? Are my signals distinct?
QSG Must I transmit ... telegrams (or one telegram) at a time?
QSK Shall I continue the transmission of all my traffic?
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?
QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram I sent you?
QSO Can you communicate with ... directly (or through...)?
QSP Will you relay to ...?
QSV Shall I send a series of VVV....?
QSX Will you listen for ... (call sign) on ... kcs?
QSY Shall I change to ... kilocycles without changing the type of wave?
QSZ Shall I send each word or group twice?
QTA Shall I cancel nr ... as if it had not been sent?
QTB Do you agree with my word count?
QTC How many telegrams have you to send?
QTH What is your position (location)?
QTR What is the exact time?
QST General Call

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