.:: Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary ::.


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church on North Paxton Street, Centralia, PA. The cornerstone, in Ukrainian, says it was built for Centralia in 1911. The church is on a hillside overlooking Centralia, a town nearly abandoned due to an underground coal seam fire.

The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary is the last of the seven churches in Centralia. The other's were the First United Methodist (1863-1985), Holy Trinity Episcopal (1866-1966), Presbyterian (1867-1954), St. Ignatius Roman Catholic (1869-1995), First English Baptist (1887-1917) and St. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox (1916-1986).  Fortunately, The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary is located outside of the designated "impact zone" and was allowed to remain in Centralia.




..::Our Current Pastor::..
--Reverend Archpriest Michael Hutsko--


Reverend Archpriest Michael Hutsko also serves the SS Peter and Paul Church in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania.