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Paperback: 000 Pages
Publisher: ASW Press (November 2017)
ISBN: 978-1-4809-7722-8

When? Where? Why? is a reminder of what the 100 years of war and conflicts has changed our country. Terrorism, such ISIS, Benghazi is still blazing, will go on forever. The subject of emails, presidential election, the Obama connection, after eight years summation of facts makes him a disgrace to this most high office.

Edward M. Brittingham Captain, U. S. Navy (RET) addresses all of these issues in his latest book. This is a must read!

Edward M. Brittingham Captain, U. S. Navy (RET) served in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer, a Tactical Coordinator who detected Soviet subs during the Cold War, and advanced to Commanding Officer of VP-11. Upon orders to the Pentagon, he excelled in promoting Surveillance Towed Array Sensor (SURTASS) and briefed 32 Admirals on ASW techniques. In 1985 he suffered a stroke which ended his career.

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