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Paperback: 260 Pages
Publisher: ASW Press; (October 2003)
ISBN: 0-9727859-0-6

Captain Edward M. Brittingham

Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (Ret.) was born in Dover, Delaware on July 30, 1937. He was in the Air Force ROTC in college, made pilot, but dropped out in his junior year. Drafted in 1962, he joined the Navy as a navigator (Naval Aviation Observer) and then reported to NAS Norfolk, Virginia for submarine training. He joined VP-10 and transitioned to the P-3A aircraft where antisubmarine warfare became the primary mission. He moved up the ranks ultimately to Commanding Officer of VP-11.

Here is the riveting fiction story of how one outsider almost caused the implosion of Russia. From the bitter cold streets of Moscow to deep under the freezing Arctic waters, Operation Poppy details the brutal price of naval supremacy: deadly acts of espionage; the staggering loss of life in a clandestine war of subterfuge, politics, and murder; and a spectacular showdown between Spetznaz forces and US Navy SEALS.

Operation Poppy

At precisely the exact time in September 1992, the Delta IV penetrated the Robeson Channel heading southward between Greenland and Canada. The next 40 hours went by slowly as the sub passed Thule, Greenland. Upon scanning the horizon, the sub skipper saw a P-3C aircraft but could not tell the emblem on the tail. The P-3C was dropping buoys that were destined for USI one mile from the intended fix, the sea erupted, followed by a missile flying directly at the Navy airplane!

Operation Poppy

VP-45 Pelicans has a detachment of four P-3C aircraft stationed at NS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. After detailed evidence confirmed that the aircraft was lost, the Commander of VP-45 finally subdued the escaping submarine and ended his stay beneath the sea. Yes, the Mission Commander had learned the secret of how they had destroyed their airplane. This and other factors offer the chilling knowledge of what and how may have happened in pursuit of new adapters to science!

Operation Poppy

The purpose of a spy was to gain information ftom the enemy. Over the years, the Soviet Union created a new type of spy, one that also has a combat role. The partisan functions were to gather intelligence, and above all, maintain security of the partisan group. This group became the forerunners of the Special Operations Forces called Spetznaz, an acronym meaning spetsialnoe naznachenie, meaning Special Forces. Time and again the Special Forces landed ahead of the main force and cleared the way to victory.

The Seal's is an acronym for Sea, Air, and Land team. The name goes back to World War II to today's versions of the quiet professional. They train in the sea, in the air, in the mud, at sea, and if permitting, the snow. Each SEAL is trained to understand their enemy. They are trained to know and to anticipate each move their adversary makes with the task of infiltrating their unit.

Operation Poppy

The final blow of the scenario is the face off of the US and the Soviets. The Spetznaz was air dropped outside Argentia, Newfoundland and met with a spy. After wiping out the Marine Guard at the main gate, the SEAL's are air dropped by a C-130. Through superior force, the good guys prevailed. The aftermath showed the secret force was out-done by the lack of planning and forethought.

Editorial Reviews

"Nail-biting suspense right to its incendiary finish!"
Rear Admiral Dan Wolkensdorfer, USN Retired

"A thriller with the punch of a cruise missile. It's a winner!"
Rear Admiral William Pendley, USN Retired

"Strikingly original a techno-thriller with unforgettable scenes, great characters, authentic military and historical details."
Captain Richard Michaux, USN Retired
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