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The story of a Naval Aviation Observer or Naval Flight Officer has never been told. The NAO program was started in 1960 and I was one in early 1963. 1 started out as a navigator and graduated to Tactical Coordinator about ten months later. As a Patrol Navigator I became the scapegoat who gave heading, shot stars, read the doppler and got the wind, and was relieved of the nav when the Tacan lock's on!

After five months in VP-10 I became a Tactical Coordinator. I began to direct my crew in detection and localization of both conventional and nuclear submarines. In May of 1965 I signed the Naval Flight Officer directive which authorizes command of a squadron, a ship, and even Chief of Naval Operations. This action made me a active Naval Officer. After the transition of the P-3 Orion, I trained crews in their necessary procedures in all emergency conditions such as bailout, ditching, and numerous conditions. The first test came on deployment when my crew launched on the ready duty to detect a US nuclear sub. With a strategic sonobuoy pattern, the sub which detected and converted by Codar to a range of 2500 yards up doppler. I attacked the buoy and the crew cheered!

After 25 flights of successful prosecutions this made my confidence factor high! This plus a year earlier in advancement in rank, four years being selected as Lieutenant Commander, and being deep selected as a Commander of a Patrol Squadron. The pilot or as a Patrol Plane Commander was always thought as the Supreme Being of the aviation Patrol Branch. This individual was a poor example of a leader when few NFO's were accepted as squadron commanders. Pilot or Naval Flight Officer demands both airmanship and other characteristics that would elevate this individual to be selected as commanding officer of a squadron.

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