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Paperback: 000 Pages
Publisher: ASW Press; (December 2008)
ISBN: 0-9727859-4-9

I am proud to present my fourth book and unfortunately, I could not stay away from the falsehood of writing! Terrorism has been with us as individuals as we look back in time. One can dream up terror without drawing religious faiths from the Middle East or simply put; Al Qaeda. This is not to say there are groups or clans that meet serendipity to plot the realm of suspicious targets in the United States.

This piece starts with April 16, 2007, Massacre at Virginia Tech. It reveals the physical, deranged, and unethical student who eliminates 32 victims. This by and by, is a true capitalization of this murderous event to introduce my two leading characters.

By means of dialogue, I went back to 1880 to a farm in Topsham, Maine. It grows until World War II and the building of Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine. This of course was a true account of the happenings leading to the Anti-submarine war base during the war.

In the 1970's the first act of terrorism was displayed by the Maine Yankee protesters. The elements of wearing face masks caused great kamikaze implications on the public and wow, did the newspapers have a ball!

The last shining knight is the Navy Seal, who came home from Afghanistan, joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and reported to the counter terrorism branch. He was joined by a British Seal which unraveled a secret plan to deny radioactive particles from a nuclear reactor.

The range of eventual threats is mind-boggling and this country should keep watch, remain undercover, and be prepared for its unknown existence.

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