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ISBN: 978-1-4809-7722-8

"When? Where? Why? a reminder of what the 100 years of war and conflicts has changed our country. Terrorism, such ISIS, Benghazi is still blazing, will go on forever. The subject of emails, presidential election, the Obama connection, after eight years summation of facts makes him a disgrace to this most high office."

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ISBN: 0-9727859-2-2

"The story is about a Naval Aviation Observer who realizes that he has found a challenge, whereby, he can achieve command of a patrol squadron. The way had been paved, and I transferred from reserve to active status making regular Navy and a new designation of Naval Flight Officer. The story of sub-hunting went on for thirteen years, which made me a true antisubmarine officer."

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ISBN: 0-9727859-0-6

"Operation Poppy is a forceful blend of regenerated fact and fiction that compels a Soviet coup to obtain the mineral that would downsize the noise of a nuclear submarine.

The setting is the Arctic Ocean, which was developed with pioneers starting in 1893. In building the characters of men who became the backbone of this drama, two Russian skippers filled the bill as superior leaders, not to mention the U. S. spy and the elite Spetznaz Commander."

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ISBN: 0-9727859-3-0

"A dark conspiracy stretches halfway around the world, putting national security at risk as two military men fight for control of the latest technology in global weaponry.

John Clinton Charter, II, the son of one of the world's top armament engineers, has followed in his father's footsteps. He is contracted to develop what will be the most technologically-advanced weapon ever - especially designed for the U. S. Navy."

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ISBN: 0-9727859-4-9

"This piece starts with April 16, 2007, Massacre at Virginia Tech. It reveals the physical, deranged, and unethical student who eliminates 32 victims. This by and by, is a true capitalization of this murderous event to introduce my two leading characters."

"The last shining knight is the Navy Seal, who came home from Afghanistan, joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and reported to the counter terrorism branch. He was joined by a British Seal which unraveled a secret plan to deny radioactive particles from a nuclear reactor."

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ISBN: 0-9727859-5-2

"The clues are as mystifying as they are terrifying: Off America痴 East Coast nuclear-armed Russian subs lie in wait for devastating orders. At a clandestine base in Yemen, terrorists begin a countdown for jihad. In South America a dictator secretly tries to acquire super weapons from Russia and Iran. And suicide bombers may have smuggled WMDs into the US.

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ISBN: 978-1-1809-6192-0

"Beyond O' Dark 30 is the author's take on what is happening to this country. This promised land has led to our loss of foreign policy and the degrading of our Military. Our allies are laughing as our leader is both weak and a failue. Our National Debt has increased more than ever, and for what? Polls now show that a majority of people think Romney would have made the better president. Our vulnerability of another terrorist attack, Syria has already launched chemical weapons, and no one understands Obamacare. Why does Benghazi go unnoticed in the White House? The many scandals, IRS affects us all, as does the National Security Agency; these affect you and I and every American. Do you believe the President was really born in America? Captain Brittingham addresses all of these issues in his latest book."









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